123D Design for Education App Reviews

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Update please

Need this app for a science lesson, but it won’t work with OS 11 :(

Please upgrade this app!!

At first it was frustrating , but after a few days of playing with it I was able to become familiar with shaping ,placing, and resizing objects to build my space ship. There are default objects that are provided , but not a whole lot and they are very basic. You can paint them , but there is no texture or import image option. You cant make your own shapes, but you can use the shapes that are provided and stretch or deform them to fit your needs. The bad: no exporting 3d file, no recording for animation, crashed when building detailed model, lost all work. No importing images onto 3d model , cant draw your own shapes. Does not work with ios 11.0.2 !!!! The good: great for learning 3d design. Easy to use. After you are done with your project you can export a picture of your design, however you pose it. You can put a green screen or any background photo from your album. Unfortunately i upgraded to ios 11.0.2 because it has screen capture, and i thought i would be able to capture my 3d ship as i turned and moved it. But app will no longer open.

HORRIBLE 👺👺😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😾😾😾😾

I hate it! You can't even make something as simple as a cup! DO NOT INSTALL

Great to use

This app is a fun way to bring your ideas to life! It's easy to use and at the end you can 3D print you design.


Measurement changing doesn't work. Combining sometimes combines everything. And everything else is not a good experience


The app is amazing but it's just if you get a design that is really good the app starts to get glitches out of no were I recommend to get the app just be cautious👍🏻

Path to nowhere

Fun app with a hand full of easy to use tools but after your done creating on your iPad you piece of art will never leave. No option to export or save your 3d Art as a 3d file!?! only option is to to email a .png file.

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